Popped sorghum, the movie night must-have snack!

My quest to cook more with sorghum has led me to popping sorghum this week. An easy to make snack and great addition to my weekly movie night, sorghum is healthy, gluten-free and only eight calories. 

Light on the ingredients side, all you need is popping sorghum (white sorghum seed) and olive oil, which makes it extremely convenient.


I began by putting two tablespoons of olive oil into a tall pot and turned the stove on medium heat. Once the oil began to glisten I knew it was warm, so I added one cup of popping sorghum to the pot. I used a long handled spoon to continuously stir the seeds as they began to heat up and slowly start to pop. After, the sorghum seed began to steadily pop, I turned the heat down to low so the kernels that had yet to pop would not burn.

The sorghum seed quickly began popping out of the pan, which made me realize how important a tall pot was for this cooking with sorghum project. When the majority of the kernels had popped, I turned the heat off and poured the popped sorghum into a bowl, sprinkled on a little sea salt to give it some extra flavor, and I was ready for movie night!

The Final Product


Popped sorghum is a healthy, great tasting snack and an excellent alternative to sugary candies and chips. The advantage over popcorn is there are no hard hulls to pick out of your teeth afterward, and . . . did I mention it’s healthy for you!

Additionally, sorghum is gluten-free, which makes it an excellent alternative food source for people with celiac disease. Low in calories, saturated fat, total fat and having less sodium makes it a healthy choice for everyone. So for your next movie night, grab a friend or your kids and make a snack like popped sorghum that everyone will love.

Popped sorghum made with Just Poppin, http://www.justpoppin.com. If you’re looking for more gluten-free recipes, visit www.HealthySorghum.com. The site also has nutritional information about sorghum and a list of sorghum flour sources.