BB3A8758 U.S. House Committee on Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson (D-MN) was presented with National Sorghum Producers Congressional Sorghum Award during its annual DC Fly-In in February 2020.
NSP Recognition

Recognizing Those Who Are Integral to Our Success

National Sorghum Producers (NSP) recognizes many people are integral to the success of the organization and the sorghum industry as a whole. To recognize the producers, researchers and public servants who carry out this work, NSP honors individuals through two different awards.


Congressional Sorghum Award

Kansas Representative Roger Marshall (R-KS) was presented the 2019 Sorghum Congressional Award by board directors and Kansas sorghum farmers Dan Atkisson (left) from Stockton and Amy France (right) from Marienthal.

About the Congressional Sorghum Award

The Congressional Sorghum Award is presented to congressional leaders who work diligently for the sorghum producers they represent. Achievements in creating and implementing farm policy benefiting sorghum producers is heavily considered with this award, as well.

2019 Congressional Award Recipients

Congressman Collin Peterson (D-MN), Chairman – U.S. House Committee on Agriculture

Congressman Roger Marshall (R-KS)

Past Congressional Recipients 

  • 2019

    Congressman Collin Peterson (D-MN), Chairman – U.S. House Committee on Agriculture

  • 2019

    Congressman Roger Marshall (R-KS)

  • 2018

    Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

  • 2018

    Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS)

  • 2017

    Congressman Mike Conaway (R-TX), Former Chairman – U.S. House Committee on Agriculture

  • 2016

    Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), Chairman – U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry

  • 2015

    Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK), Former Chairman – U.S. House Committee on Agriculture


Outstanding Achievement in Sorghum Improvement

Dr. Alan Schlegal & Tim Award 1
Alan Schlegel, Ph.D., was presented with the 2022 Outstanding Service award.

About the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sorghum Improvement

The award for Outstanding Achievement in Sorghum Improvement is given to individuals who provide exemplary service and go beyond expectations in their service to the sorghum industry.

The award was first presented in 1961. Recipients include, among others, the forefathers of the modern hybrid sorghum industry. As of January 30, 2020, 60 individuals have received this award.

2022 Recipient
Alan Schlegel, Ph.D.

Past Outstanding Service Recipients  

  • 2022

    Alan Schlegel, Ph.D., Kansas State University

  • 2020

    Robert Klein, Ph.D., Texas A&M University

  • 2018

    Bill Kubecka, sorghum producer, Palacios, Texas, Dr. William Rooney, Texas A&M University

  • 2016

    Dr. John Burke, USDA ARS, Lubbock, Texas, Dr. Roger Monk, DuPont Pioneer (ret.), Lubbock, Texas, Dr. Gary Pederson, USDA ARS, Griffin, Georgia

  • 2013

    Gebisa Ejeta

  • 2011

    Jeff Dalhberg, Ph.D., University of California

  • 2005

    Larry Lambright, Gerald Wilde

  • 2001

    Kay Porter

  • 1999

    Tal Huber, Leland Tribble, The Team of: Debra Frederickson, Neal Mclaren, R. Bandyopadhyay

  • 1995

    R.R. Duncan, Richard A. Frederiksen, Jerry Johnson, George Teetes, Richard Vanderlip

  • 1993

    Tom L. Harvey, Leland R. House, Darrell T. Rosenow, Ralph Olson

  • 1991

    Larry G. Butler, Paul W. Menge

  • 1989

    Frederick R. Miller, Keith Schertz, John B. Brethour

  • 1987

    T.D. Tanksley, Dale Weibel, William M. Ross

  • 1985

    Lloyd Rooney, Bruce Maunder

  • 1981

    Hugh Doggett

  • 1975

    William Hale, H.B. Harris, R.F. Holland, N.W. Kramer, E.S. Stickley

  • 1973

    Frank Gaines, Kenneth Rachie, Lucas Reyes, John Riggs

  • 1971

    Otto Coleman, O.J. Webster

  • 1967

    C.J. Franzke, R.W. Leukel, R.D. Lewis, S.A. Thomas

  • 1965

    J.D. Snowden

  • 1963

    H.N. Barham, A.L. Elder, J.R. Quinby, John Sieglinger, J.C. Stephens

  • 1961

    A.B. Conner, R.E. Karper, J.H. Martin, F. Swanson, J.F. Triplet