WHIP+, Are You Eligible?

Was your farm affected by a natural disaster in 2018 or 2019? You may be eligible for WHIP+.

WHIP+ was authorized to help producers affected by natural disasters in 2018 and 2019. The natural disasters include hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, typhoons, volcanic activity, snowstorms, wildfires, drought and excessive moisture.

Producers must have suffered a loss due to a qualifying disaster event in a primary county that received a qualifying Presidential Emergency Disaster Declaration or Secretarial Disaster Designation. Counties that experienced D3 and D4 drought in 2018 or 2019 are also eligible. Producers not in these counties may also be eligible but must supply documentation establishing crops were directly impacted by a qualifying disaster event.

Figure 1. WHIP+ Drought Eligible Counties

Figure 2. WHIP+ Eligible Counties

There is no current dead­line to sign up for WHIP+, and producers can contact their local FSA office to apply.

The WHIP payment for­mula is: WHIP+ payment = the expected value of the crop x the WHIP factor – the actual value of the crop harvested x the pay­ment factor – the NAP payment or crop insurance indemnity received by the producer.

The WHIP+ Factor is based on a producers crop insurance coverage level.

Crop insurance or NAP must be obtained for the first two available consecutive crop years after the enrollment period ends but no later than 2022 and 2023. Crop insurance or NAP policy coverage level must be at a level of 60/100 or equivalent. Learn more about WHIP+ at farmers.gov/recover/ whip-plus.




This story originally appeared in the Summer 2020 Issue of Sorghum Grower magazine in the Capitol Hill department.