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Summer 2023 Articles

A Resilient Solution to Looming Water Issues

Water issues are undeniably among the most pressing challenges of our time, and the agricultural sector, particularly farmers, bears a significant burden in confronting this crisis. It is evident water scarcity is not a fleeting concern but rather a looming threat that demands immediate attention and long-term solutions.

Both locally and in the political arena in Washington, D.C., debates on water management are reaching a boiling point. Farmers, who rely on water resources for their livelihoods, find themselves at the forefront of these discussions. The sustainability of agricultural practices is under scrutiny, and National Sorghum Producers believes water will be a key component of future discussions on the topic, allowing sorghum to take a prominent place at the table as The Resource Conserving Crop™.

As our water challenges persist, sorghum’s water-sipping qualities cannot be overlooked by farmers or legislators. With its resilience to drought and lower water requirements compared to other crops, sorghum emerges as a valuable tool in the fight to conserve water.

NSP recognizes the significance of this and is actively harnessing its potential. Our leaders will be very focused over the next five years on the strengths sorghum has in the water debate, positioning it as a solution for the future.

Our future depends on resilient agricultural systems, and sorghum’s ability to thrive in water-stressed environments underscores its importance in that arena. As weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable and water scarcity persists, embracing adaptive crops like sorghum is not merely an option but a necessity.

In this issue, we dive into the matter at hand covering everything from water finance and how farmers can utilize financial incentives to manage and save water to issues facing the Ogallala Aquifer and how dairies are actively saving up to 50 percent of their water by growing sorghum for their feed mix. NSP is also currently working toward a multi-million water grant with NRCS and projects with private companies to monetize water savings in a similar vein as carbon credits.

Our water issues demand immediate action and collaborative efforts, and farmers are on the front lines of this battle. The growing debates at the local and national levels underscore the gravity of the situation. Embracing sorghum as The Resource Conserving Crop™ can significantly contribute to water savings and drive us toward a more sustainable future—a future where water is abundant and available for future farm generations.

Jennifer Warren, Vice President of Communications and Editor

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