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Spring 2024 Articles

Sowing the Seeds of Tomorrow

As we welcome the vibrant renewal that comes with spring, it’s a time of reflection and anticipation for us all in the sorghum community. In this issue of Sorghum Grower, we delve into the heart of research that continues to propel sorghum into the future.

The commitment to research is more than an investment in sorghum; it’s a pledge to our collective future. The strides we’ve made in improving yield, weed and grass control and water efficiency are testament to the dedication of this community. It’s through this lens of innovation and perseverance that we ensure not only the vitality of our industry but also its relevance and resilience for generations to come.

Embracing the future also means nurturing the next generation of farmers, researchers and advocates. It is with immense personal joy that I share the arrival of my first son this past November. As my husband Garrett and I prepare to raise him on our farm, I’m reminded of the profound responsibility we carry in shaping the next generation of stewards of the land. It’s a journey that many of you have undertaken, passing down knowledge, values and a love for the land that feeds us and the world.

This season, as we sow seeds both literal and metaphorical, National Sorghum Producers is committed to fostering an environment where the next generation can thrive. We will continue to support research that not only advances the crop but also safeguards it for the future. Most importantly, we will take moments to teach, inspire and prepare the young minds who will one day take up the mantle of agriculture and this unique industry.

I wish you all a productive and fulfilling growing season. May the fruits of your labor be plentiful, and may the bonds within our industry grow ever stronger. Here’s to a season of growth, discovery and the promise of a sustainable future.

Vice President of Communications

Sorghum Grower Editor

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