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Fall 2020 Articles

Celebrating Women in Sorghum

Women have always played a vital role in agriculture, leading and supporting the industry in communities, board rooms, research labs, on farm ground, at the executive table and beyond. They work hard, not only for themselves, but also for their families while feeding the world and pursuing and supporting each other’s dreams. Today, USDA data shows 56 percent of all farms have at least one female decision-maker involved, and of the 3,399,834 farmers in the U.S., 1,227,461 are women. There are more organizations and initiatives than ever before that support women in agriculture like FarmHer, American Agri-Women, #FancyLadyFarmer and Women in Agriculture Day, not to mention USDA farm pro – grams and other initiatives. Women in the agriculture industry have made tremendous strides.

I am proud to work in an industry that recognizes and celebrates the contributions women make—and as it relates to the sorghum industry, we have some of the very best! This issue of Sorghum Grower is full of leaders, covering a gamut of talents, contributions and stories I believe we can all relate to and appreciate—and honestly, we just skimmed the surface of a long list of female powerhouses in the sorghum industry.

For me, personally, I’ve sometimes struggled with the role I serve, not getting my hands dirty every day and having more daily ties back to the family farm in eastern New Mexico. We never forget where we came from though, and I am grateful for the way it has shaped my 10+-year career with the sorghum industry. Increasingly, women without traditional backgrounds in agriculture are coming to the industry to work and serve, and I know it takes us all to make an impact. May we continue to support and recognize women involved in all areas of agriculture and thank those from prior generations who paved the way and educated and inspired future generations.

Overall, it’s an exciting time for sorghum farmers and our partners in the industry. Our producers have enjoyed exceptional sorghum prices across the country as the end of harvest nears. Undoubtedly, there are questions about what this looks like in the future, and as we send this issue to press, our country is in post-election turmoil. National Sorghum Producers is committed to a path forward though and will continue to help you navigate future decisions with an eye on the bottom line. If you enjoy our magazine, believe in the work we are doing and are not a member of our organization yet, I would encourage you to join at SorghumGrowers.com/join.

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