NSP Announces 2021 Sorghum Yield Contest Winners

LUBBOCK, Texas (Dec. 20, 2021)— National Sorghum Producers is proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Sorghum Yield Contest, including Bin Buster winner Kasey Gamble from Kiowa County, Kansas, with the top yield in the contest at 244.03 bushels per acre—the highest dryland yield on record in contest history west of the Mississippi River.

“National Sorghum Producers congratulates the winners of the 2021 sorghum yield contest,” NSP Board of Directors Chairman Kody Carson said. “You will see from the results striking top-end yields. We are proud of these achievements and look forward to recognizing the winners at the 2022 Commodity Classic in New Orleans.”

Top yields are highlighted in three different categories ranging from the eastern to western U.S. regions. The 2021 first place national winners of the NSP Yield Contest are Tom Vogel from Hartley County, Texas, in the Irrigated West category with a yield of 241.18 bushels per acre – Pioneer 85P75; Mike Scates from White County, Illinois, in the Irrigated East category with a yield of 182.24 bushels per acre – Pioneer 84G62; David Knoll from Charles Mix County, South Dakota, in the Dryland Tillage West category with a yield of 170.21 bushels per acre – Pioneer 89Y79; Harry P Johnston from Fulton County, Pennsylvania, in the Dryland Tillage East category with a yield of 221.50 bushels per acre – Pioneer 84G62; Kasey Gamble from Kiowa County, Kansas, in the Dryland No-Till West category with a yield of 244.03 bushels per acre – Pioneer 85P44; and Chris Santini from Warren County, New Jersey, in the Dryland No-Till East category with a yield of 234.90 bushels per acre – Pioneer 84G62.

The national winners will be recognized further in March 2022 during Commodity Classic in New Orleans.

To see a complete list of the NSP Yield Contest national, state and county results, or to learn more about the contest, visit sorghumgrowers.com/yieldcontest.


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