National Sorghum Producers Mixed on EPA RVO Patchwork Proposal

WASHINGTON, DC (December 7, 2021)—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today released a proposal to retroactively slash biofuel quotas for 2020 while simultaneously ramping up blending requirements for 2022. National Sorghum Producers Chairman Kody Carson, a sorghum farmer from Olton, Texas, released the following statement, in response to the Agency’s actions:

“The EPA announcement is a patchwork proposal. The bid to roll back 2020 RVOs is deflating, but in the same breath, we are encouraged to see the proposed increase in obligations to historic levels for 2022 and denial of pending SREs. Congress was clear in their intent when they crafted the Renewable Fuels Standard to spur increased production and blending of biofuels. At a time when farmers are facing record high costs of production, historic regulatory uncertainty and extreme weather challenges, going backward on past obligations will further weaken the largest domestic market to the detriment of American farmers and rural communities. We encourage the EPA to reverse this proposed action on 2020 RVOs and move forward with strengthened blending intent for 2022.”


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