NSP Welcomes Agritech America as an Industry Partner

National Sorghum Producers is pleased to announce the addition of Agritech America as a new Partner Level sponsor in the NSP Industry Partner Program.

“We are excited about the potential Agritech America and their WeedIt Quadro technology has to help producers more efficiently use chemical products,” said NSP CEO Tim Lust. “We appreciate the support of Agritech America and welcome them to our Industry Partner program.”

Agritech America continues to pioneer agricultural innovation through the development and implementation of highly advanced precision spraying technology through WEEDIt. The technology is setting new standards in the fundamental shift toward large scale adoption of technology-enabled agricultural equipment to the long-term benefit of all farmers.

“The new WEEDIt Quadro from Agritech America is the next in intelligent precision spraying,” said Agritech America Vice President of Operations Neil Smith. “It takes weed management to the next level. By identifying and targeting weeds with unparalleled accuracy, it drastically reduces your chemistry use.

“It also saves water, time and soil moisture, minimizing the weed seed bank while maximizing your return on investment. Using WEEDIt to eliminate chemical residue in our food supply allows us to ensure healthier, safer food for everyone, and we are honored to partner with National Sorghum Producers in that effort.”

Support from industry partners like Agritech America helps NSP continue to advocate for, promote and defend the sorghum industry. More information about the program can be obtained by contacting NSP Industry Relations Director Jamaca Battin at jamaca@sorghumgrowers.com or by visiting SorghumGrowers.com.


National Sorghum Producers represents U.S. sorghum producers and serves as the voice of the sorghum industry coast to coast through legislative and regulatory representation and education. To learn more about NSP, visit www.sorghumgrowers.com.