National Sorghum Producers Celebrates National Ag Day 2020

LUBBOCK, TX (March 24, 2020)—National Sorghum Producers joins the agriculture community to celebrate National Ag Day March 24, 2020. This is a time to recognize the essential role agriculture and the American farmer play contributing to our nation’s food security and the global economy.

“American agriculture has been a constant source of food, fiber and fuel throughout time, and especially in times of crisis. In this season of challenges and uncertainty, we are proud to see our producers doing their part to meet the needs of American consumers and those around the world,” NSP CEO Tim Lust said. “While sorghum is only one piece of the puzzle, we would like to say thank you to all agricultural producers and those in the food supply chain for their commitment to providing the products our modern world needs.”

“National Ag Day gives producers an opportunity to share with the world what we do to ensure a safe and reliable supply of products remains available for American and global consumers,” NSP Chairman Dan Atkisson, a sorghum producer from Stockton, Kansas, said. “Our association is proud of our producers, their families and all who contribute to the sorghum industry. National Ag Day is our chance to recognize their contributions and dedication to sharing their everyday lives and the impact they have on us all and to reassure the American consumer of the strong agriculture foundation we have here in America.”

Grain sorghum was planted on 5.3 million acres in 2019, and farmers from South Texas to South Dakota, the traditional Sorghum Belt, harvested over 340 million bushels. The inherent tolerance of sorghum to marginal lands and environmental conditions, its versatility as a food and feed grain, and its ability to produce high yields ensure its important, sustainable, role in the lives of millions of people throughout the world.

NSP encourages our members and all those in the agriculture community to share how they are celebrating National Ag Day by posting on social media and using the hashtags #AgDay20. For more information, visit


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