Duff Testifies Before Congress on Behalf of Sorghum Industry for Strong Energy Title

Duff Testifies Before Congress on Behalf of Sorghum Industry for Strong Energy Title

WASHINGTON, D.C. —National Sorghum Producers testified today before the U.S. House Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy, and Credit on the Next Farm Bill: Rural Development & Energy Programs. John Duff, NSP strategic business director, appeared before the congressional committee representing the views of NSP’s farmer and ethanol members expressing support for a strong energy title.

“Ethanol remains one of the foundations of the U.S. sorghum industry,” said Duff. “Ethanol producers annually grind about one-third of the domestic crop and support sorghum farmers with local demand. As America moves toward greater energy independence, we must remember what ethanol brings to the table for both farmers and U.S. consumers.”

Duff’s testimony emphasized the following points:

  • The state of renewable energy technology and markets have evolved significantly since the groundwork was laid by the 2002 and 2008 farm bills for the current energy title.
  • With the last decade of change some of the old programs should be combined or consolidated, making the farm bill more reflective of the current environment while still rewarding renewable energy producers who have taken risks and proven themselves to have staying power.
  • Sorghum has been a constant—with actual increased investment with recent Department of Energy commitments of over $70 million—and the crop and its producers and end-users stand ready to increase production with the right policies in place.

Visit NSP’s website to read the full testimony. For more information about today’s subcommittee hearing, please contact John Duff at 806-749-3478 or at john@sorghumgrowers.com. For all other inquires, contact Jennifer Blackburn at jennifer@sorghumgrowers.com.


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