National Sorghum Producers Announces Sorghum Shootout

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National Sorghum Producers Announces Sorghum Shootout:
Program will chronicle growers on quest to reach higher yields

LUBBOCK, Texas — National Sorghum Producers (NSP) today announced a new program, the Sorghum Shootout, to provide a forum for sorghum growers across the country to be exposed to some of the best management practices needed to reach the highest yields in sorghum production year after year. StollerUSA, NSP’s newest gold partner, will serve as the program sponsor of the Sorghum Shootout.

Beginning in May, the Sorghum Shootout will chronicle the intense management styles of award-winning growers such as Steven Albracht (Hart, Tex.) and Tim Fisher (Wynne, Ark.) on their journey to hit milestone records while using ROI-driven techniques and inputs. Followers will get a sneak peek into the intense management styles each grower utilizes throughout the year as they identify their goals, face real-time challenges, develop strategies to overcome those challenges and make in-season adjustments to maximize yield potential. To receive regular updates on the progression of each grower, please sign up here.

StollerUSA will provide participants with expert guidance from its team of field agronomists along with the products needed throughout the season. They will also help the growers as they adjust and adapt to weather and input patterns throughout the growing season.

“National Sorghum Producers is excited to partner with StollerUSA. This collaboration will provide our growers additional resources as they strive for higher-yielding sorghum that breaches the 250 bushels per acre mark,” said Time Lust, NSP CEO. “StollerUSA’s inputs and knowledge of those products are exactly what our industry needs to reach this yield goal in sorghum, and we appreciate industry support toward the Go for 250endeavor.”

“StollerUSA is honored to team up with National Sorghum Producers not only as an industry partner of NSP, but also the sponsor of the Sorghum Shootout,” said Jeff Morgan, marketing director for StollerUSA. “We want to ensure key events of the growing season are chronicled for each grower, from their planting conditions and early-emergence stand counts to mid-season weather and environmental stresses and, ultimately, a high-yield harvest.”

To follow the Sorghum Shootout participants and their progression throughout the 2016 growing season, learn more about the program and sign up for regular updates please visit


National Sorghum Producers represents U.S. sorghum producers and serves as the voice of the sorghum industry coast to coast through legislative representation, regulatory representation and education. 

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