USDA Boosts Sorghum Acres to 7.47 million

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July 1, 2014

USDA Boosts Sorghum Acres to 7.47 million

LUBBOCK, Texas – The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service released its June acreage report yesterday, increasing its estimated planted grain sorghum acres to 7.47 million, up 12 percent from its March report.

“Given the current planted acres and weather conditions, while assuming a normal yield, we should expect to see 400 million bushels harvested, which is 3 percent higher than last year’s harvest total,” said Florentino Lopez, Sorghum Checkoff executive director. The 2014 acreage estimate is just 7 percent below last year’s total planted acres.

The two largest grain sorghum-producing states, Texas and Kansas, planted 3 million and 2.8 million acres, respectively, and represent 78 percent of U.S. acreage.

National Sorghum Producers CEO Tim Lust said the increase in projected acres illustrates the positive momentum in the sorghum industry.

“We believe there are a lot of positive things happening right now with U.S. sorghum,” Lust said. “With the expectation of a larger supply, demand is critical. The ethanol industry and China have proven to be significant players in increasing that demand.”

NASS reports as of June 29, 93 percent of the crop had been planted, 3 percentage points behind last year.


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