Meet new NSP board director Tom Willis

As we continue our spotlight on new NSP board directors, this week we take a look at Tom Willis of Liberal, Kansas. Willis, CEO of Conestoga Energy Partners LLC, brings an interesting perspective to the board as the ethanol company he represents is the largest end user of sorghum in the nation.

Willis is passionate about the future and wellbeing of sorghum. The crop is vital to his company, and he is ready to be a part of an association board that will be a driving force in benefitting and expanding the ethanol industry.

“Being a member of this board provides me with an opportunity to help positively influence sorghum production,” Willis said, “whether it is from an environmental, regulatory or research perspective.”

Willis says there are many areas with opportunity to contribute to the board, but specifically he would like to focus on adding value to sorghum for those growing it.

“I see myself being very active and immersed in trying all I can to be a contributing member of this board,” said Willis. “I plan to help however I can.”

In the future, he hopes to be able to say his tenure on the board was spent increasing funding and deriving more value for everyone involved in the sorghum industry-from grower to end user.

Willis and his wife Patty have been married for 30 years. Together, they have two children. Their son Josh is a U.S. Army lieutenant and is currently serving in Iraq. Their daughter Melanee and her husband live in Utah.

Willis will begin his new position as a NSP director October 1.