Meet new NSP board member Greg Krissek

This week’s NSP board member spotlight is on Greg Krissek, the director of government affairs for ICM Inc., in Wichita, Kan.

He is one of the three new directors joining the NSP board this year.

Krissek brings knowledge, leadership and experience to the NSP board. He has served as chairman on multiple boards and has previous involvement with the Kansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Association.

“I started working on ag and rural issues 22 years ago, first for the Kansas Department of Agriculture and then for Kansas Corn and Grain Sorghum Producers, and I got hooked on working on rural development issues,” Krissek said.

Krissek’s extensive background in legislative, regulatory and government affairs will undoubtedly benefit the NSP organization as agriculture faces challenges with budget cuts and changing government regulations.

Krissek is also very optimistic about sorghum’s future role in the biofuels market.

“I see sorghum as one of the bright spots for meeting the biofuels production goals, especially as an advanced biofuel,” he said. “I’m excited to serve on the NSP board to help further this opportunity for ag producers and agribusiness.”

Krissek believes there are many opportunities for sorghum success, and he is very excited to be part of that effort.

“Identifying and supporting production research, market promotion and public awareness will be important for sorghum’s growth and success,” Krissek said.

Krissek and his wife Beth are the parents of two children. Their daughter is a senior animal science major at Kansas State University, and their son is a middle school math teacher in Dayton, Ohio.

Krissek will begin his new position as a NSP director October 1.