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Sorghum Foundation

National Sorghum Foundation | Building the Foundation for Tomorrow’s Agriculture

The National Sorghum Foundation was created to promote research and education for sorghum and develop the leadership potential of active university students interested in studying agriculture and more specifically the sorghum industry.

The Sorghum Foundation represents those who have dedicated themselves to a level of commitment and excellence that far exceeds most individuals. Becoming a member of the Sorghum Foundation shows that you have contributed $5,000 or more in current gifts or $10,000 or more in future gifts to the advancement of education and science within the sorghum community that will help not only yourself but others in the future.

Membership shows your commitment to a greater future for agriculture and sorghum through the education of new producers and scientists with an interest in moving sorghum into a more prominent role in U.S. agriculture. Membership also shows your willingness to give back to a crop that has played a key role in your success as a producer, seedsman, or user of sorghum in the past.


The 2015 Sorghum Challenge Scholarship recipient is Samuel Knauss of Paola, Kansas. Knauss is a senior agronomy major at Kansas State University. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in an agriculturally-based degree program.

The Dr. Darrell Rosenow Memorial Scholarship was established in 2010. Rosenow was a pioneer in hybrid sorghum breeding with a career spanning 40 years as a sorghum plant breeder for Texas AgriLife Research. His dedication to sorghum and those that worked with the crop will be remembered through this scholarship, and is awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in agriculturally-based departments related to agronomy, plant pathology, and plant breeding with an emphasis on sorghum. Benjamin Coomes of Girard, Kansas, is the 2015 recipient of the Rosenow Memorial Scholarship. Coomes is a senior agronomy and plant science major at Oklahoma State University.

Information on the Foundation, the KSU Center Scholarship or the Darrell T. Rosenow Scholarship may be obtained by contacting Bruce Maunder. Donations for 2016 may be sent to the National Grain Sorghum Foundation, 4201 N. Interstate 27, Lubbock, TX 79403, attention Bruce Maunder.


Personal Will or Gift of Stock
You can make a stock gift to the Sorghum Foundation in the following ways:

  • Transfer the stock directly to the Sorghum Foundation brokerage account, have the shares re-issued in the name of the Sorghum Foundation and sent directly to us, or sign the shares over to the Sorghum Foundation.
  • If you want to make a gift of stock, do not sell the stock first.
  • You can realize both a charitable deduction and a possible reduction in capital gains tax by contributing stock as a gift to the foundation, federal tax laws allow you to offset the capital gains on the shares that are gifted.

Cash Gift or Endowment
Cash gifts to the foundation are always needed to support our annual scholarship activities and to provide a strong base for future growth.

You can endow a gift to the Sorghum Foundation with an outright cash equal to 20 times what you might give annually. This will provide for an ongoing annual revenue stream to the foundation (estimate earnings of 5 percent per year).

Insurance Policy
You may decide to purchase a new insurance policy in a specific amount and pay it out in a specific number of years, making the Sorghum Foundation the owner and beneficiary. This may be a policy on you or someone else.

Make the premium payment to the Sorghum Foundation and deduct it as a gift from your income taxes. The Sorghum Foundation will make the payment to the insurance carrier. Upon the death of the insured, the death benefit will go tot the Sorghum Foundation endowment so the earnings from this gift will benefit sorghum.

If you have an existing insurance policy which is “paid up” or which you are currently paying on, please consider making the Sorghum Foundation the beneficiary for all or a percentage of the policy.

In case of a totally “paid up” policy, the current cash value is deductible as a gift to the Sorghum Foundation and may be utilized as a deduction on your tax return.


Contact Bruce Maunder for more information about the National Sorghum Foundation.