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Sorghum Blog

Jul 14

Sorghum in the pet food market

When sorghum is referred to as a feed ingredient, most identify this with livestock feed. However, companion animals like cats and dogs consume more sorghum than the average pet owner may think. Apparently, my dog Lola has been consuming sorghum in her dog food for years. Iams ProActive Healthy dog food has sorghum as one […]


Jul 7

Popped sorghum, the movie night must-have snack!

My quest to cook more with sorghum has led me to popping sorghum this week. An easy to make snack and great addition to my weekly movie night, sorghum is healthy, gluten-free and only eight calories.  Light on the ingredients side, all you need is popping sorghum (white sorghum seed) and olive oil, which makes […]


Jun 30

Planting with efficiency

As input prices continue to rise, the focus of most farming practices has shifted toward efficiency. Making the most out of a crop with a proficient amount of input is important as farmers work hard to maintain their livelihoods. For one sorghum producer in the Texas Panhandle, efficiency has become increasingly important over the years. […]


Jun 23

Cooking with Sorghum

When you ask most people if they have ever heard of celiac disease, the answer is generally no. What many people do not realize is that one in every 133 people in the United States has celiac disease—an autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive system. When a person with the disease consumes gluten, the disease […]


Jun 17

Sorghum resilience tested

Weather plays a monumental role in the success farmers reap. Every growing season has its own share of trials and tribulations, but farmers have learned how to cope, creating new and innovative ways to deal with the challenges Mother Nature throws their way. Although this year may be off to a rocky start for some […]