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Sorghum Blog

Sep 22

Chromatin, Constellation Energy Partner to Test Sorghum Biomass for Power Generation

In an effort to produce alternative fuels while reducing green house gas emissions, two companies have turned to sorghum as a viable solution to fuel electricity. Chromatin Inc., a supplier of biomass feedstock for energy producers, and Constellation Energy have invested in sorghum as a feasible option for use as a fuel source to generate […]


Sep 15

Meet new NSP board director Tom Willis

As we continue our spotlight on new NSP board directors, this week we take a look at Tom Willis of Liberal, Kansas. Willis, CEO of Conestoga Energy Partners LLC, brings an interesting perspective to the board as the ethanol company he represents is the largest end user of sorghum in the nation. Willis is passionate […]


Sep 9

Meet new NSP board member Greg Krissek

This week’s NSP board member spotlight is on Greg Krissek, the director of government affairs for ICM Inc., in Wichita, Kan. He is one of the three new directors joining the NSP board this year. Krissek brings knowledge, leadership and experience to the NSP board. He has served as chairman on multiple boards and has […]


Sep 1

Meet new NSP board director Samuel Simmons

NSP voted to welcome three new directors to its board at its annual August meeting. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting these new members and getting to know them. This week’s spotlight is Samuel Simmons, a sorghum farmer from Harlingen, Texas. Simmons brings experienced leadership to the NSP board of directors. He has […]


Aug 25

Concerned Illionois farmer addresses President

As time plows forward, rules and regulations increasingly loom over the agriculture sector, and the government’s seemingly endless role of red tape has threatened farmers from the ability to do their jobs efficiently. In recent weeks, it has become strikingly clear how out of touch President Obama is with the needs of our nation’s farmers […]


Aug 18

Grain traders worry over recording rule

A new proposal from the Commodity Futures Trade Commission, if passed, could require all oral communication between a farmer and country elevator to be tape recorded and has many people within the industry concerned and frustrated. The proposal, outlined in a 48-page commodities document in the Federal Register was published on June 7 but somehow […]


Aug 11

Would agriculture be lost without GPS?

Using a Global Positioning System has become a common, everyday tool for many people. Whether I’m in my car getting directions or finding the best place to eat in my vicinity, GPS technology has become a staple in my everyday life, and I wonder how some individuals would cope without it. The FCC recently granted […]


Aug 4

A CDL to drive a tractor? Another burdensome regulation looms over ag

As the amount of land designated for agricultural use decreases and concrete begins to grow in place of crops, the disconnect between agriculture and the urban population continues to grow at an exponential rate. A new law policy proposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is another reminder of how distant our government has […]


Jul 28

Sorghum, the crop of the future

By David L. Thomas, Sorghum Partners LLC, New Deal, Texas Three weeks ago, I (and several sorghum farmers) had the opportunity to travel to Morocco, Spain and Belgium with the U.S. Grains Council on a sorghum export mission. This 10 day tour reaffirms my long held opinion that sorghum is the crop of the future. […]


Jul 21

10 things you may not know about sorghum

Sorghum has been around for thousands of years and over this time period it has evolved from a crop with a single purpose to a multi-facetted grain famous for its gluten-free attributes and future in the ethanol world. Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about this versatile plant: Sorghum was introduced […]